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Dog Training

One-on-one lessons in your home

Most Valuable Dog Training™ concentrates on using operant training techniques to train and help solve problem behaviors.  By using reward based training we find it helps create a stronger bond between you and your puppy/dog.  Teaching some basic obedience cues and good behaviors will give you and your puppy/dog the opportunity to live a safe and mutually respectful life.

Most common problem behaviors:

  1. Jumping = can be a real danger especially if there is a baby or elderly person in the home.  Remember, safety is always the highest priority for both humans and your dog.

  2. Excessive barking = all dogs bark as a way of communication. Among the many reasons for excessive barking are separation anxiety, lack of exercise and boredom. 

  3. Pulling = dogs can pull as a way to get to the desired object before their owner, which is reinforcing the dog as being the dominant one in the relationship.

  4. Digging = as with excessive barking digging has many causes a few are the breed of the dog, digging to stay cool and digging to bury bones or toys.

  5. Nipping/Mouthing = puppies use their mouth to explore and investigate their environment, so nipping at cloths, hands, face, and furniture are all common issues.  Puppies also mouth to learn about bite force what objects are okay to bite down on and which ones are not.


Most Valuable Dog Training™ will create a personalized treatment plan to curb the problem behaviors.


Basic obedience cues and techniques:

  1. Food luring

  2. Release cue

  3. Focus cue

  4. Sit cue

  5. Down cue

  6. Stay cue

  7. Touch cue

  8. Recall cue ( come )

  9. Loose leash walking

  10. Heel cue


  1. $50 per hour

  2. $250 package for 6 sessions ( 6th session free )

  3. $500 package for 13 sessions ( 11th 12th and 13th free )

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